Terms & Condition

These terms & conditions can change at any time. Last updated 05/07/2023. Effort Labs is “Effort Music Group LLC”.

You have 24 hours to reschedule or cancel a session, otherwise, there will be no refunds.

All parties are expected to be on good behavior at all times (no parties, must be respectful of other people in the building, etc.) otherwise you will be asked to leave without a refund. Effort Labs is for creatives who are serious about valuing their work time. If you’re bringing guests, we respectfully ask that they are there to work and not to socialize or distract you from creating dope art.

You agree that the time you book is when all parties are expected to be present and ready to work.

Music production (“beats”, recorded musical composition, vocal production: effects, tuning) booking is not “work for hire”, but the cost of studio rental & overhead fees ($20/hr) plus production fee (remainder).

  • Points: All production projects require points on the artist’s master recording. The full hourly rate at $50/hr requires 15 points, $40/hr requires 20 points, $35/hr will require 25 points, and anything below will require 35 points. Non-charged bookings will require 50 points.
  • Writing/Publishing: Any original composition or reworked composition requires an equal share of writing and publishing. Writer info: Peter Cho / ASCAP / IPI: 553740940. Publishing info: EFFORTMUSIC / ASCAP / IPI: 1046743069. Publisher Admin info: SONGTRUST AVE / ASCAP / IPI: 613926842.
  • Prints: The final project includes prints of the record, instrumental, and acapella only. Does not include stems, backing track prints, etc (additional $50/hr).
  • Memberships: There will be no rollover hours into the following month. Paid subscriber is responsible for booking their allotted time within the studio’s availability. The calendar is first come, first serve basis. Studio only allows a capped number of subscribers to prevent over-scheduling. After subscribing, please allow up to 24 hours to be given store credit in your email (check spam) for booking your sessions. No refunds are allowed, cancel your membership anytime and you’re good for the remainder of your active membership. Membership automatically renews every 30 days, you can pause and continue your membership anytime.

Vocal engineering, instrumental engineering, mixing, and mastering are considered “work for hire” and do not require points on the artist’s master.

  • Prints: The final project includes prints of the record, instrumental, and acapella only. Does not include stems, backing track prints, etc (additional $50/hr).

Clients are guaranteed biweekly meetings, but it is up to the client to schedule meetings. Marketing outcomes are not guaranteed and will vary from campaign to campaign. There are no refunds and all sales are final.

  • Assets: Clients are responsible for delivering assets for marketing use. If the client needs assets, Effort Labs can create and edit video assets at $50/hr.

Effort Labs has full rights to list clients on marketing material and use projects to gain new clients in the form of advertisements and social media posts or videos.