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Why We Are Different

Welcome to Effort Labs, your one-stop destination for real estate agents and agencies looking to make a lasting impression online. Imagine captivating potential buyers and sellers with breathtaking aerial footage as well as indoor tours of your properties. Our expert drone video services give you the competitive edge you need to stand out in today’s market.

With our digital marketing expertise, we’ll help you showcase your listings in a way that builds trust and confidence on social media platforms. Gain the attention your properties deserve and watch your online presence soar! Ready to take your real estate game to new heights? Let’s make your brand the talk of the town with our innovative video and marketing solutions. Contact us today to get started!

Contact: Pete Cho
Email: pete@effortlabs.com
Text or Call: 213-394-6861

Why Video For Real Estate?

Video content is essential in real estate marketing because it increases engagement, improves conversion rates, showcases properties effectively, enhances SEO, is compatible with mobile devices, facilitates virtual tours, builds trust, and performs well on social media platforms. 


  • Increased Engagement: Video content generates higher engagement rates compared to other forms of content. According to a report by HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support. 
  • Improved Conversion Rates: Including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% or more, as reported by HubSpot. Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without. 
  • Better Property Showcase: Videos allow real estate agents to showcase properties in a more dynamic and immersive way compared to photos and text descriptions alone. A study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 73% of sellers would choose a real estate agent who uses video to market their property. 
  • Enhanced SEO: Websites with video content are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. This can significantly improve the visibility of real estate listings online, driving more traffic and potential leads. 
  • Mobile Compatibility: With the increasing use of mobile devices, video content is easily accessible and consumed on smartphones and tablets. According to Statista, mobile video consumption has grown steadily, with mobile devices accounting for over 50% of global online video views. 
  • Virtual Tours and Open Houses: Video tours and virtual open houses allow potential buyers to explore properties remotely, saving time for both buyers and agents. A study by Matterport found that properties with virtual tours receive 87% more views than those without. 
  • Establishing Authority and Trust: Video content allows real estate agents to showcase their expertise, personality, and professionalism, helping to build trust with potential clients. According to Animoto, 76% of consumers say they would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining. 
  • Social Media Engagement: Video content performs exceptionally well on social media platforms, with higher engagement rates compared to text or image posts. According to Buffer, video posts on Facebook receive 59% more engagement than other types of posts. 

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is crucial for real estate agents for several reasons: 

  • Increased Visibility: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow real estate agents to reach a larger audience beyond their immediate network. By regularly posting content and engaging with followers, agents can increase their visibility and attract potential clients who may not have found them through traditional channels. 
  • Targeted Advertising: Social media platforms offer sophisticated targeting options, allowing real estate agents to reach specific demographics based on factors like location, age, interests, and behaviors. This enables agents to tailor their marketing efforts to reach the most relevant audience for their properties. 
  • Showcasing Properties: Social media provides an ideal platform for showcasing properties through photos, videos, virtual tours, and 360-degree views. Agents can create visually appealing content to highlight the unique features of each property and generate interest among potential buyers. 
  • Building Relationships: Social media allows real estate agents to engage directly with their audience, answering questions, providing valuable information, and offering insights into the local market. By fostering relationships with followers, agents can build trust and credibility, which can ultimately lead to client referrals and repeat business. 
  • Brand Building: Consistent and strategic use of social media can help real estate agents establish and reinforce their brand identity. By sharing content that reflects their expertise, personality, and values, agents can differentiate themselves from competitors and position themselves as trusted advisors in the industry. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Social media platforms provide opportunities for real estate agents to connect with other professionals in the industry, such as lenders, contractors, and fellow agents. Building relationships with these contacts can lead to valuable partnerships and referrals, expanding the agent’s network and potential client base. 
  • Analytics and Insights: Most social media platforms offer analytics tools that allow real estate agents to track the performance of their posts and advertisements. By analyzing metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversion rates, agents can gain valuable insights into what content resonates with their audience and adjust their strategy accordingly. 

    In summary, social media marketing is essential for real estate agents because it offers a cost-effective way to increase visibility, target potential clients, showcase properties, build relationships, establish a brand presence, network with industry professionals, and gain valuable insights into their audience’s preferences and behaviors. 

Our Method

Our digital marketing services are optional. However, with the combination of our video services, you will have content to boost to a hyper-targeted and localized audience. This will help gain potential new clients by building trust and having a reputable presence online. 

Step 1: 
Video content creation 

Step 2: 
Post content on Instagram or YouTube 

Step 3: 
Find your target audience, boost video 

Step 4: 
Watch for higher social media engagement and grow potential new followers 


What does your video service provide?
You get two video edits of each property, one wide format 4k edit that fits the guidelines of MLS safe content for Zillow, Realtor, Redfin, etc. Second video is a vertical 2k edit with the option to have the agent tour the home, tailored for social media: Instagram Reel, TikTok. Both edited videos are delivered within 48 hours.

Do you provide photo services?
Yes we do, this helps keep scheduling shoots easier for the agent, a quick one and done operation. Our primary mission is in video but we have years of photography experience as well.

How long is each shoot?
Approximately one hour. We will first shoot with a traditional DSLR camera with the agent touring the home or simply a tour without the agent if they are camera shy. The second shoot will utilize the drone camera, if the homeowner is uncomfortable with a drone flying indoors, we can do arial footage only. Add another 15 minutes if photos are needed. We ask that everyone including their pets (if possible) to vacate the inside of the home during a drone shoot.

Why drone video tours? 
Drone video enhances real estate marketing efforts by providing a unique perspective, highlighting property features, enhancing visual appeal, contextualizing the surrounding area, differentiating listings, offering comprehensive property tours, showcasing large properties, and adapting to various property types. By leveraging drone technology, real estate agents can create more engaging and informative property listings that attract and captivate potential buyers. We also provide standard video shoots with a DSLR camera. 

Can I just buy a drone and shoot it myself or hire my friend or family? 
Yes, however any drone pilot for commercial use must hold a PART 107 license from The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We are PART 107 Certified through the FAA. Do not hire an illegal drone pilot, you will be fined and possibly face prison time. Hire a certified professional with insurance in Los Angeles, CA. 

49 USC 46306(b) says, “a person shall be fined under title 18, imprisoned for not more than 3 years, or both, if the person— . . . (8)knowingly and willfully employs for service or uses in any capacity as an airman an individual who does not have an airman’s certificate authorizing the individual to serve in that capacity[.]” 

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Contact: Pete Cho
Email: pete@effortlabs.com
Text or Call: 213-394-6861